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Aliuser has come up with a list of  International Trade Terms for shipping and global trade upon the request of users.

Click on the link below to see  a collective of trade-related vocabulary and trade terms that are of useful to our users.

Glossary of International Trade & Shipping Terms

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TrustPass 5-year anniversary

Alibaba boasts her five-year establishment of TrustPass Sevices by offering additional value-added services to its paid members worldwide.

TrustPass members, so far, are one of the major sources of annual revenue for Alibaba B2B website, contributing a large portion of revenue to the Chinese eCommerce portal as of December, 2007.

Suppliers are entitled to have their products displayed at the very top of the products search results for one month as soon as they renew or upgrade to TrustPass during the period of April 1 to 20th, according to the 5th Anniversary campaign  information.

“In addition to our TrustPass Sevices, we are developing more value-added sercices to give you more business opportunities and keep up with the changing needs of our members. We are very confident our exclusive new services will assist you in your global trade!” Chief Executive David Wei told his customers in his opening message.

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Alibaba Treasure Chest top

Suppliers are now encouraged to take part in Alibaba’s  free product promotion. The online promotion was launched a week ago in a very low profile.  Alibaba users can access to the marketing page by clicking on the small icon close to the search box.

Very hard to find though !!

The promotion campaign was extended to April 7. Each product uploaded by suppliers will be given a unique number which will be used for lucky draw. Every week, there will be 5 winners.   

Alibaba tresture chest

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In anticipation of further weakening of the US dollar, the vast majority of almost 700,000 Chinese suppliers no longer use dollars to settle non-US transactions, Alibaba’s chief executive David Wei told Financial Times recently.

Abandoning the dollar is an attempt to minimize currency risk. David Wei explained his company’s position, saying that prior to greenback volatility, dollar prices were valid for a month or two. Those same quotes are now good for just seven days.

The dollar has long been the currency of choice for Chinese and other exporters around the world. However, the impact of its recent weakening has led exporters to begin questioning its place as the de facto world currency.

Full report from Financial Times

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Alibaba kicked off her first referral program last week. For those who are interested in the trade guides and would like to have their friends in Alibaba’s community, they can join the program.

All users including buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, traders are welcome to take part in the program and get the trade guides for free.  To understand the program, users can get start here. 

Alibaba trade guidesThese trade guides  include the following: 

  1. Buyer Search Report
  2. Seven Steps to Better
  3. Things You Never Knew
    About Logistics
  4. Safe Trading Tips 

Alibaba trade guides

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