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Alibaba and Tradelink formed a strategic alliance by developing a co-branded site. Users may be puzzled to see if it’s a catalyst for greater things to come.

Users can go to the co-branded site by clicking on the link under the Tradelink news on Tradelink homepage . Absolutely no challenge! Strangely enough, when clicking on the animated banner, users would probably find there’s another path they need to go through – they need to declare their identities.  We just wonder should they share the same path?  Either one way or the other.

What if the link under the TradeLink news is taken out a month or two later? How can they go to the site directly?  Same in Alibaba , we hardly find the entry point to the co-branded site?

The homepage of the co-branded site also requires users a small tactic to work with. The category items under “Browse by Category” are not clickable. Instead mouse over on one of those will give you a small box with hyperlinks taking you back to Alibaba’s search result page. Be steady when you move your mouse to the hyperlinks, don’t slip your fingers!

Alibaba Cobranded site with Tradelink



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