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David Wei, chief executive officer of told SmallBizPod that being Alibaba’s paid members, they only need to pay “one pound per day” in UK.

Last week, Mr Wei has an interview with SmallBizPod , the small business podcast, following his move to exploring the UK market.

Mr Wei also highlights the fact that there are 3 ways to improve suppliers quality within Alibaba’s community:

  1. Paid members are required to go through authenication and vertification processes by a third party engaged with Alibaba to make sure they are real companies.
  2. Services providers who are offering factory audits and quality assurances are available in the trading platform. Paid members can use their services.
  3. Members cross-rating system is in place in the international e-commerce. marketplace platfrom.

The latest SmallBizPod #65 can be downloaded for startups, small business and enterpreneurs.

David Wei podcast

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