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 Alibaba International site put her news channel to test several weeks ago, and then came the Sichuan earthquake which has truly shaken Heaven and Earth.

The timing may be just right, but these are two separated incidents. We do not mean to suggest anything! We’ve seen Alibaba has done something that goes beyond what she’s supposed to be. Alibaba makes a household name for herself as a B2B eCommerce platform, now it also plays the role of being an online news center.

Alibaba news channel

With the news channel, the internet marketplace manages to unite her news features in China site to international edition. Content and photos are different but certainly give us a panoramic view of what’s happened in both languages. It’s a good move to increase site stickiness. 

We would like to make some suggestions:

  • Create more linkages between the news features and news channel. Now the features page has a different set of url with its news section. Navigation seems to be a bit odd to us!
  • The photo images highlight are flashy, users need a pair of “robot eyes” to catch the motion!
  • RSS feature is required
  • Avoid having too much pop-ups



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Web sites in Black

Today begins three days of national mourning for earthquake victims. So far, there are more than 300,00 victims and the search for survivors still goes on.

Alibaba group of companies – Alibaba ChinaYahoo ChinaTaobao, Alisoft, Alimama, along with other China major websites such as Sina and eBay China etc, turn their homepages to black to pay respect to the victims.

Hong Kong will lower flags at half staff from today. The official death toll stands at nearly 32,500 from the original quake – which was revised upwards to 8.0 on the Richter scale – that rattled Sichuan province.

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