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What’s the first thing that will come across your mind when it comes down to search in the sourcing world? Most users will essentially look for “products”.’s latest move to swap the products and selling leads tabs in the search box will make some differences. It helps users to find suppliers’ products more easily. Users don’t need to press on the Product tab in order to start searching. With that changes, they don’t need to think – a move to echo with Steve Krug’s ultimate rule – “Don’t make me think!”.

Product tab

To suppliers, they should be proud of having a flurry of their own products marching across their websites or the B2B trading platform. In fact, the more exposure their products get in the marketplace, the more likely they get business.

What’s the differences between selling leads and products? According to, they are the same except one thing: product posting does not have a limited lifespan. Selling leads will expire and be removed from search result pages.

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While sending product information to buyers, most buyers would like to acquire the following to review the feasibility of doing business with suppliers

  • Product Name
  • FOB Price & Location
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Stock Quantity
  • Payment and Shipping terms

In a recent campaign hosted by, suppliers who fall under the categories of Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Gifts & Toys and Textile are invited to showcase their products in the B2B trading platform.

The “SuperDeals” promotion takes place during the period of 13-30th April, 2008.  The initiative can be completed in 2 steps:

  1. Display products with appropriate information and
  2. Send the product URL.

Selected suppliers will be announced on 24th April and 7th May, 2008 in’s forum. For more information, suppliers can visit their landing page. SuperDeals promotion


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