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Proposal for acquiring paid members that accounts for more than 50% of the international trade portal’s annual revenue is key to Alibaba‘s success in this coming year. 

Speaking at a Finance Magazine’s interview, David Wei, Chief Executive Officer of, said the company has set up a call center to promote its paid services to free members. He believed that the number of paid members will increase as a result of the underlying changes in China’s new generation entrepreneurship brought by internet age.  

Mr Wei said the growing number of small and medium companies in China can spend up to RMS20,000 online services each year based on the research they have done.  Alibaba now only charged their members for RMS3,000 using their services per year. Hence they concluded that there’s a potential growth along this line. 

Analyst in the same interview also pointed out that Alibaba‘s paid members only accounts for 1.1% of its 27 million registered users, which still has ample room for improvement.  

The Finance Magazine is hosted by Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as TVB in Hong Kong, will highlight a string of China-based yet internationally listed companies in Hong Kong. 

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