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Beijing top leaders reassure policies to boost domestic growth by ramping up public spending and cutting taxes after their 3-day meeting in the capital city – the Central Economic Work Conference, which is held annually at year-end to adjust policy for the coming year.


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Economic data released this week showed further risks to the economy.

  • The Producer Price Index (PPI) fell to 2 percent in November, down from 6.6 percent in October, the slowest pace ever since May 2006.
  • The Consumer Price Index (CPI), the barometer for gauging inflation, eased to 2.4 percent last month, down form 4 percent in October
  • Exports in November slid 2.2 percent year-on-year, the first monthly decline since June 2001. It’s down from 19.2 percent growth in October.
  • Foreign direct investment in to China last month reached US$5.32 billion, the least ever since October 2007

China is targeting around an 8 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate for 2009 to ensure sufficient employment and safeguard social stability despite the challenges.

China has cut its lending rate four times since mid-September, with the latest reduction of 1.08 percentage points, and unveiled a 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion) stimulus package to avert an economic slump.

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Alibaba ( HKSE 1688) must be as busy as bees, making sales calls to her clients on the heels of the latest announcement of a new entry-level Gold Supplier program slashing price to new users. The China internet company fleshed out a survival kit for SMEs with two major programs, bringing more sweetener to its paid members amid the global economy slowdown.

Gold Supplier Starter Pack

At the core of these programs was its “Gold Supplier Starter Pack”, the new initiative is targeted for novice users who can acquire the basic service at an annual fee of US$2,900 (RMB19,800). Entry-level services include storefront display and unlimited product listings. Alibaba can provide additional value-added services which include

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Corporate email accounts
  • Storefront management tools – Traffic Analyzer and Buyer GPS

“With a range of value-added services, customers of our entry-level product realize further benefits by purchasing additional services such as Virtual Showroom and priority ranking based on keywords as they expand their presence on the internet”, Alibaba chief executive officer David Wei 

Alibaba  now offers full services to her existing “Gold Supplier” type paid members at US$5,000 per year.

Quality Supplier Program

In a bid to strengthen its authentication and verification policy, Alibaba also disclosed that she has partnered with VerSign, a trusted provider of Internet Infrastructure services for the network world, to enforce her quality-control strategy. All paid members are expected to get passed the A&V process conducted by an independent third-party agency.

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TrustPass 5-year anniversary

Alibaba boasts her five-year establishment of TrustPass Sevices by offering additional value-added services to its paid members worldwide.

TrustPass members, so far, are one of the major sources of annual revenue for Alibaba B2B website, contributing a large portion of revenue to the Chinese eCommerce portal as of December, 2007.

Suppliers are entitled to have their products displayed at the very top of the products search results for one month as soon as they renew or upgrade to TrustPass during the period of April 1 to 20th, according to the 5th Anniversary campaign  information.

“In addition to our TrustPass Sevices, we are developing more value-added sercices to give you more business opportunities and keep up with the changing needs of our members. We are very confident our exclusive new services will assist you in your global trade!” Chief Executive David Wei told his customers in his opening message.

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Alibaba Treasure Chest top

Suppliers are now encouraged to take part in Alibaba’s  free product promotion. The online promotion was launched a week ago in a very low profile.  Alibaba users can access to the marketing page by clicking on the small icon close to the search box.

Very hard to find though !!

The promotion campaign was extended to April 7. Each product uploaded by suppliers will be given a unique number which will be used for lucky draw. Every week, there will be 5 winners.   

Alibaba tresture chest

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In a bid to enhance user experiences in using her search functions, Alibaba today takes another step to improve her product listing pages, search function, and mini-site search.

The new features would extend the listing items on each listing page from 20 to 40.  Along with “View Gallery” feature, users are able to browse products images, which is good for those who are getting used to seek products through image search. 

Recent Search” is another value-added feature that can redo users’ previous searches instantly.

Also in her mini website, suppliers are armed with a product search tool through which her customers can search thousands of product within her own mini website.

You can check out a full demo to have a better understanding

Alibaba new search features

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