You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘Gold suppliers’ tag. (HKSE 1688)has invitation sent to its users to take part in a talk at the World SME Expo, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The event will be taken place from 10-12 December, 2008, presenting a possible solution to small-and-medium size companies (SMEs) in the event of weakening economy following the financial tsunami.

Echoed to the event was today’s news cover story of  HK$4 billion funding to support local SMEs through HSBC Holdings (HKSE 0005).  

The Hong Kong largest bank announced its rescue plan of  US $5 billion global fund to increase capital liquidity to SMEs  around the world.  

The loans made in Hong Kong under the global fund are meant to apply to working capital and equipment financing needs. Loans will be allocated on a case- by-case basis, using HSBC’s normal lending criteria. Interest will vary, with high rates charged to risky businesses lacking government loan guarantees, according to HSBC global co-head of commercial banking Margaret Leung Ko May-yee.

Users who are interested in more details about the new Gold Suppliers package can visit booth. Make an advanced appointment on: 852-22155128.

  • at the World SME Expo
    Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Booth No. 1H02, 1H04
    10-12 December 2008
    (Free Admission)


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Alibaba ( HKSE 1688) must be as busy as bees, making sales calls to her clients on the heels of the latest announcement of a new entry-level Gold Supplier program slashing price to new users. The China internet company fleshed out a survival kit for SMEs with two major programs, bringing more sweetener to its paid members amid the global economy slowdown.

Gold Supplier Starter Pack

At the core of these programs was its “Gold Supplier Starter Pack”, the new initiative is targeted for novice users who can acquire the basic service at an annual fee of US$2,900 (RMB19,800). Entry-level services include storefront display and unlimited product listings. Alibaba can provide additional value-added services which include

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Corporate email accounts
  • Storefront management tools – Traffic Analyzer and Buyer GPS

“With a range of value-added services, customers of our entry-level product realize further benefits by purchasing additional services such as Virtual Showroom and priority ranking based on keywords as they expand their presence on the internet”, Alibaba chief executive officer David Wei 

Alibaba  now offers full services to her existing “Gold Supplier” type paid members at US$5,000 per year.

Quality Supplier Program

In a bid to strengthen its authentication and verification policy, Alibaba also disclosed that she has partnered with VerSign, a trusted provider of Internet Infrastructure services for the network world, to enforce her quality-control strategy. All paid members are expected to get passed the A&V process conducted by an independent third-party agency.

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Heart-breaking news of tainted milks and tainted Lehman Bothers’ minibonds has already caused enough damage in 2008. Our health is in jeopardy and our life-long savings got evaporated in a few seconds. We start to question if there’s any check-and-balance system that can protect us from being exploited by unscrupulous businessmen.

Early September, we put up a post – “Alibaba axes black sheeps” to warn our users of being cautious in dealing with a batch of unreliable suppliers. In the last few days, Alibaba takes another step to extend its surveillance service by launching a “Blacklist Companies” campaign online.  


In response to intellectual property infringement and fraudulent conduct complaints submitted in accordance with our take-down policy, we take down thousands of product listings each year. In addition, we blacklist suppliers that continue to be subject to substantiated take-down notices and fail to live up to the expectations of our member community. We remove all listings of blacklisted companies, terminate their memberships and ban them from our marketplace permanently.


Alibaba's Blacklist

Alibaba's Blacklist


We believe it’s a good move and it ties to what we have discussed in “Alibaba flowing with tide” post.


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    While promoting qualified Gold Suppliers, Alibaba international web site flexed her muscle by removing 8 unqualified Gold Suppliers, who failed to live up with users’ expectations.

    • Xiamen Huili District Fengfengsheng Automobile Accessories
    • Putian Chengxiang Xingfu Trade Co., Ltd.
    • Xiamen Boke Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
    • Fujian Putian Chengxiang Beter Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
    • Fujian Putian Chengxiang Pide Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
    • Huli (Xiamen) Shangwang Hardware Store
    • Xiamen Yilong Industry Co., Ltd.
    • Putian City Licheng District Zhaoyang Trade Co., Ltd.


    The exercise, which would be updated on monthly basis, was expected to address buyers’ grievances and to make users better informed so that they can make smart choices.

    According to the China internet company, they would not display companies that discontinued their membership. We believe that Alibaba is now getting ready to tighten up her authenticated and verified (A&V) procedure so as to maintain the platform’s credibility and premium status.

    “We just want to warn new buyers here that these are not our Gold Suppliers now, since we continue to receive complaints or inquiries about these companies.” Alibaba said in the forum.

    As a responsive trading platform,  Alibaba would come up with a strategic plan to promote competition; fair trading practices and allow a free flow of information and transparency.


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    It seems that the screen shot below is taken from a romance or social networking site. Sorry, it’s not exactly the case.

    Alibaba gold suppliers at the 5th Annual Alifest

    Alibaba gold suppliers at the 5th Annual Alifest

    With the 5th Annual Alifest 2008 Global eBusiness Champions of the Year drawing nearer,  Jack Ma, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of  and his panel judges will be delivering their final evaluations and picking out  top 10 Chinese Exporters very soon.

    You can visit their profiles and see what they are doing from Alibaba’s 5th Annual Alifest


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