You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘eCommerce’ tag. (HKSE 1688)has invitation sent to its users to take part in a talk at the World SME Expo, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The event will be taken place from 10-12 December, 2008, presenting a possible solution to small-and-medium size companies (SMEs) in the event of weakening economy following the financial tsunami.

Echoed to the event was today’s news cover story of  HK$4 billion funding to support local SMEs through HSBC Holdings (HKSE 0005).  

The Hong Kong largest bank announced its rescue plan of  US $5 billion global fund to increase capital liquidity to SMEs  around the world.  

The loans made in Hong Kong under the global fund are meant to apply to working capital and equipment financing needs. Loans will be allocated on a case- by-case basis, using HSBC’s normal lending criteria. Interest will vary, with high rates charged to risky businesses lacking government loan guarantees, according to HSBC global co-head of commercial banking Margaret Leung Ko May-yee.

Users who are interested in more details about the new Gold Suppliers package can visit booth. Make an advanced appointment on: 852-22155128.

  • at the World SME Expo
    Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Booth No. 1H02, 1H04
    10-12 December 2008
    (Free Admission)


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Exporting goods to China can be easier than before now.

To many international sellers, exporting goods to China has to overcome quite a few problems. Language is a major barrier, how to market their products in a proper channel posed another one.  

The following image illustrates how to tap into “Export to China


Alibaba International has teamed up with Alibaba China to pull off the “Export to China” platform, enabling international sellers to display their products in simplified Chinese and promoting them in Chinese trade shows.

During the special launch period, international exporters can acquire a 6-month services for free. Should they find the cross platform useful and helpful, they can subscribe a standard package (US988 annual fee) or premium package (US1399 annual fee). For more details, you can visit the “Export to China”

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Please send your donations for Sichuan Earthquake Disaster direct to the Red Cross Society
or see more details in our previous post.

Yahoo China disclosed a business plan with (口碑网) with a view to fully developing a consumer-based search service.

Controlled by Alibaba group, both Yahoo China and are targeting for consumer to consumer market. The plan will direct its effort to bring convergence between these two portals, improving its productivity and efficiency in the areas of eCommerce, community and communications. was initialized in Hangzhou in 2004. Over the past three years, it becomes one of the high flyers to set foothold in most of China provinces. Its business extends from classified listings, community to forum. Koubei, means “words of mouth” in Chinese.

The news update came this morning did not unveil a full detail plan but it stresses the importance of building a strong search capability. Jack Ma, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of, said the move would create a top-notched life style platform for consumers in China.


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Proposal for acquiring paid members that accounts for more than 50% of the international trade portal’s annual revenue is key to Alibaba‘s success in this coming year. 

Speaking at a Finance Magazine’s interview, David Wei, Chief Executive Officer of, said the company has set up a call center to promote its paid services to free members. He believed that the number of paid members will increase as a result of the underlying changes in China’s new generation entrepreneurship brought by internet age.  

Mr Wei said the growing number of small and medium companies in China can spend up to RMS20,000 online services each year based on the research they have done.  Alibaba now only charged their members for RMS3,000 using their services per year. Hence they concluded that there’s a potential growth along this line. 

Analyst in the same interview also pointed out that Alibaba‘s paid members only accounts for 1.1% of its 27 million registered users, which still has ample room for improvement.  

The Finance Magazine is hosted by Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as TVB in Hong Kong, will highlight a string of China-based yet internationally listed companies in Hong Kong. 

Bookmark and Share, despite displaying a beta “Taobao mall” next to its logo, is a fully functional web site that is going into its official launch very soon.

Founded by Alibaba Group, the parent company of, Taobao, positions herself as a C2C platform, facilitates transactions between individual consumers and a wide range of sellers. According to ‘s latest release with’s Top 100 Global Buyers campaign, the C2C marketplace captures more than 75% the market share. Currently, has 53 million members, sales turnover hits US5.5 billion benchmark.

Taobao B2C mall

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