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Alibaba Buying leads

Alibaba Buying leads

With good intent, Alibaba‘s “latest buying leads” are designed to provide the most updated information to suppliers to fulfil buyers’ sourcing needs.  Using the buying leads, however, pose a challenge to many users.

Briefly looking at the copy  such as, pc case, stationery, looking for plast.., they are so concise that we hardly know what the buyers really need. 

Users have to login to see the details. That’s very fair. Yet, another hurdle comes — users are required to be paid members. To get to this notice, users are supposed to go through three to four clicks. Should the users want to get an upgrade, they have to click again.

Er… I think it’s a bit too much, click after click.  It would be very frustrating to those who are new to .  Alibaba should spend time on streamlining the users’ workflows.

It would be nice if the users can be acknowledged that the service is limited to paid members only when they come across the UI in the first place or they should be notified when they are in the second click.  Once decided to become a paid member, the upgrade information should stay with the membership information as to save another click.

Alibaba TrustPass Membership

Alibaba TrustPass Membership

Another concern is that we are not sure about if the national flag be meaningful to users?  Yes, we are watching Olympic Games now, we know our national flag very well, what about the flags of our neighboring countries? 

At Alibaba, we believe that the company is devoting effort to making things not only useful but also usable. “Usefulness” and “Usability” should come hand in hand, enabling users to get things done fast. To most of the users, time is money.



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