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Joseph Tsai, Chief Financial Officer of Alibaba Group told Aliuser that his favorite colour was blue. Yet his heart was orange– Alibaba’s corporate color is “Orange” indeed!!

The comments came after Aliuser got a chance to speak to Mr Tsai before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mr Tsai also delved the group’s future strategy, focusing more on infrastructure and technology development. He noted that Alibaba group was rarely seen as a technology-related company now, but it was the corporate vision to get a top ranking in this respect.

During the casual meeting, Mr Tsai explained that the merger of and would be ‘win-win’ for both parties.  As Alimama’s online advertising model has lots of synergy with Taobao’s users and database profile, it could help Taobao’s shop owners to post and manage their advertising online.

In response to the latest decision of blocking search engine Baidu indexing Taobao shops and products in China, Mr Tsai said Taobao has already established a reputation for C2C eCommerce, he expected users would come to directly but not through Baidu.

Things are getting more interesting as Chinese portal, and Xiaonei have reportedly blocked Baidu from conducting searches of their sites. Anita Davis has more to tell in her report.

Preceding experiences have told us that the relationship between eBay and Google has turned sour as they collided to each other in business development. Would history be repeated itself in the East?

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With Baidu launching its IM tool on June 5, Alibaba group and may face another serious challenger in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) market in the near future.

The challenge remains to be seen since the C2C marketplace is till towered over by (81.5%) for the first half of 2008, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) latest release of online shopping statistics. comes into the second place with 16.6% market share, Amazon China subsidiary Joyo, 14.6%, Tom Online and eBay’s Eachnet, 8.4%, Tencent’s 7.2%. currently has an IM tool – Ali Wan Wan to share with Alibaba group.

Ali Wan Wan

Baidu, which now dominates the Chinese search landscape with a 60 percent market share, served 3.3 billion searches in the global arena. It’s estimated that there are over 510 million users in Asia. But more to the point here, China has become the fastest growing internet country with the largest internet users base.

Baidu IM tool — Baidu Hi has recorded 200,000 downloads ever since its release. In the meantime, Alibaba group should not under estimate Hong Kong-listed Tencent (007.HK), which is posied to be one of the few major competitors due to its exponent growth in China consumer market.



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