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Alibaba Winport project
Alibaba Winport project Ltd (1688.HK) announced on 6th October that it will offer one year of free “Winport” service  旺铺 to Home Inns -如家快捷 (Nasdaq: HMIN) members, according to a report from

The e-commerce product , which worth RMB 980, will be given to small- and medium-sized (SME) enterprises applying for membership at all Home Inns locations. Forty percent of Home Inns’ more than 1 million members are SME clients, reports by the stocks and investment portal.

Aliuser has come up with the fact that, as of June 30 2008, Home Inns operated a total of 366 hotels in 79 different cities across China and have covered 98 cities including hotels contracted.

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Rumor surrounding Alibaba‘s 8-year strategic plan stifled yesterday when the B2B China website officially disclosed her “Winport” project on April 11. 

Alibaba China site \


The “Winport” project, dubbed “Winport 旺铺” in its Chinese promotion, was made known to the public ever since it began drumming up massive efforts to invite 6,188 suppliers for its first trial early March. Alibaba China grants the first batch of users a 30-day access right to try out the new product.

According to its online promotion, one of the selling points of the project is that the paricipating suppliers will get their own domain names, they are no longer using a sub-domain for their stores. In other words, they can set up  “www.”, an URL named after their unique store name. The package also comes with a few tools which enable them to 

  • manage their store fronts
  • analyse web traffic
  • set up mail box

It may be fun to see how flashy the online promotion it is, yet getting access to its information page needs patience and a pair of careful eyes to find the right button to click! 

Alibaba Winport entry point

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