You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘alibaba 2007 year end result’ tag. Limited (HKSE:1688) announced her maiden financial results for the year ended Decemeber 31,  2007:

Financial Results 2007

Total revenue RMB2,162.8 million
Revenue from international marketplace (71.6% of total revenue) RMB1,547.7 million
Revenue from China marketplace (28.4% of total revenue) RMB615.1 million
Profit (attributable to equity owner) RMB967.8 million
Earnings per share 20.41 Hong Kong cents

Registered Users

Total no. of registered users on our marketplaces 27.6 million
No. registered users on international marketplace 4.4 million
No. registered users on China marketplace 23.2 million
Geographic coverage 200+ countries & regions


Total supplier storefronts on our marketplaces 3.0 million
Supplier storefronts on international marketplace 697,563
Supplier storefronts on China marketplace 2,259,283

Regional markets

United States 18.0%
European Union (excluding UK) 9.1%
India 8.4%
China 6.7%
United Kindgom 6.1%
Canada 2.8%
Other (we can not break this down further) 48.9%

   You can find out more details with  full operating data here.

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