Of the six trends outlined in the last edition of B2B Online Media Report, Alibaba may reckon a couple of them are applicable to her future development as part of strategy to enhance its premium position in B2B marketplace.

The report, compiled by Business Strategies Group Ltd,  held Alibaba and Global Sources as the most sophisticated on-line sourcing platforms. There are two new entrants to the top 10, Indiamart and TradeIndia.

Emphasis on deeper supplier data and verification services is something that Alibaba may consider exploring further. Alibaba has a safe trading center and forum to discuss the issues about fraudulent, scams and scrupulous suppliers. Yet the content block seems to be played down, there’s still room for improvment in presentating the message . Aliuser has introduced a few authenication and verification inspection services in Alibaba, which can be highlight in the site, we believed. 

Emergence of vertical sourcing websites may provide Alibaba an opportunity to spread her wings in major vertical, industry-specific sourcing websites. The logic comes from the thought that the more valuable content Alibaba has, the more powerful it will be from Search Engine Optimization perspective. It also offers industry research, supplier credit reports and export guides and verification services to her users. Those are the things are users are looking for in doing business.   

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