While promoting qualified Gold Suppliers, Alibaba international web site flexed her muscle by removing 8 unqualified Gold Suppliers, who failed to live up with users’ expectations.

  • Xiamen Huili District Fengfengsheng Automobile Accessories
  • Putian Chengxiang Xingfu Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Xiamen Boke Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Putian Chengxiang Beter Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Putian Chengxiang Pide Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Huli (Xiamen) Shangwang Hardware Store
  • Xiamen Yilong Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Putian City Licheng District Zhaoyang Trade Co., Ltd.


The exercise, which would be updated on monthly basis, was expected to address buyers’ grievances and to make users better informed so that they can make smart choices.

According to the China internet company, they would not display companies that discontinued their membership. We believe that Alibaba is now getting ready to tighten up her authenticated and verified (A&V) procedure so as to maintain the platform’s credibility and premium status.

“We just want to warn new buyers here that these are not our Gold Suppliers now, since we continue to receive complaints or inquiries about these companies.” Alibaba said in the forum.

As a responsive trading platform,  Alibaba would come up with a strategic plan to promote competition; fair trading practices and allow a free flow of information and transparency.


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