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Speaking at the e-Business Champion Awards Reception in Chicago, Arthur Chang of Alibaba told AuctionBytes that the Export-to-China would be beneficial to many international traders who are not very familiar with China market.

Export to China from Alibaba

International suppliers can take advantage of the program by building their storefronts in The storefronts would then be translated from English to Chinese, being accessible to most of its 25 million Chinese members.

Mr Chang, Vice President of Global Sales, quoted the latest import and export trading figures in China, saying that the business from “export to China” has jumped 4 times in the last five years. The findings expected another continued surge in the next 10 years.

He contemplated that the trend will go on because:

  • There is a strong and staggering demand for consumers’ items from the growing middle and upper classes in China
  • In the meantime, Chinese manufacturers, who aspired to stay competitive in face of India and Vietnam potential challenges, have imported components and parts with higher quality from other countries.

Mr Chang also said North America was the second largest user base of Alibaba  international site, their members could make use of the trading platform to do sourcing, reaching out to 5 million international users coming from all over 200 countries and regions.

“One of our suppliers can cut 50% of their time in sourcing for the right trade partner,” he concluded.

 Arthur Chang from Alibaba

The program is in line with what we have discussed – “Alibaba set her sight to  UK – “Export to China, Export to the World” earlier  in March 


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