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Who doesn’t like photo?  We are conceived that buyers, suppliers and trade show goers prefer to see images more than anything else.  A good photo image worth more than a thousand words! It brings up site traffic and stickiness. 

Alibaba‘s newly-established photo gallery has a lot of good images: ornate watches, designers’ partydress, Fendi high heels, you name it. Below you can see a screen shot of products displayed on different windows. How do you feel?

Product windows

One click one window

We have to admit that we feel odd about its user experience design. There are too many pop-up windows. One click one window. It worn us down using its user interface.

Products bunjee jump

When clicking on a product to see another related product image, window is supposed to  refresh, display another product. We find the window, along with the next product image, will jump up and down.  As users, we don’t feel it enjoyable browsing the product in varying sizes.

The page layout is interesting too. We find pictures in some pages have zigzag arrangement. Will it capture more click-through?  If I were Winnie the Pooh, I would have complained Alibaba for making my friend pixelized in the product shot!

Zigzag arrangement

Winnie the Pooh


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