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Please send your donations direct to the Red Cross Society or see more details in our previous post.

Who doesn’t like photo?  We are conceived that buyers, suppliers and trade show goers prefer to see images more than anything else.  A good photo image worth more than a thousand words! It brings up site traffic and stickiness. 

Alibaba‘s newly-established photo gallery has a lot of good images: ornate watches, designers’ partydress, Fendi high heels, you name it. Below you can see a screen shot of products displayed on different windows. How do you feel?

Product windows

One click one window

We have to admit that we feel odd about its user experience design. There are too many pop-up windows. One click one window. It worn us down using its user interface.

Products bunjee jump

When clicking on a product to see another related product image, window is supposed to  refresh, display another product. We find the window, along with the next product image, will jump up and down.  As users, we don’t feel it enjoyable browsing the product in varying sizes.

The page layout is interesting too. We find pictures in some pages have zigzag arrangement. Will it capture more click-through?  If I were Winnie the Pooh, I would have complained Alibaba for making my friend pixelized in the product shot!

Zigzag arrangement

Winnie the Pooh


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Please send your donations direct to the Red Cross Society  or see more details in our previous post.

 Alibaba International site put her news channel to test several weeks ago, and then came the Sichuan earthquake which has truly shaken Heaven and Earth.

The timing may be just right, but these are two separated incidents. We do not mean to suggest anything! We’ve seen Alibaba has done something that goes beyond what she’s supposed to be. Alibaba makes a household name for herself as a B2B eCommerce platform, now it also plays the role of being an online news center.

Alibaba news channel

With the news channel, the internet marketplace manages to unite her news features in China site to international edition. Content and photos are different but certainly give us a panoramic view of what’s happened in both languages. It’s a good move to increase site stickiness. 

We would like to make some suggestions:

  • Create more linkages between the news features and news channel. Now the features page has a different set of url with its news section. Navigation seems to be a bit odd to us!
  • The photo images highlight are flashy, users need a pair of “robot eyes” to catch the motion!
  • RSS feature is required
  • Avoid having too much pop-ups



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Web sites in Black

Today begins three days of national mourning for earthquake victims. So far, there are more than 300,00 victims and the search for survivors still goes on.

Alibaba group of companies – Alibaba ChinaYahoo ChinaTaobao, Alisoft, Alimama, along with other China major websites such as Sina and eBay China etc, turn their homepages to black to pay respect to the victims.

Hong Kong will lower flags at half staff from today. The official death toll stands at nearly 32,500 from the original quake – which was revised upwards to 8.0 on the Richter scale – that rattled Sichuan province.

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Sichuan Earthquake 2008 calls for donation in support of aiding victims in Sichuan earthquake disaster. Donation in forms of food, clean water, medical supplies, clothing and tents are all welcome. Full story is now covered in her news channel.

Your donation can send to

  • Sichuan Earthquake Disaster
    Red Cross Society of China
    8 Beixin Qiao Santiao,
    Dongcheng District,
  • For Foreign Currency Donations by Bank
    Account Holder: Red Cross Society of China
    Bank: Jiuxianqiao Branch, CITIC Bank
    Foreign Currency Account Number: 7112111482600000209
  • For RMB Donations by Bank
    Account Holder: Red Cross Society of China
    Bank: The Dongsi Nan Branch, Beijing Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    RMB Account Number: 0200001009014413252
  • For Donations by Phone
    Disaster relief hotline: (8610) 65139999
  • For Online Donations
    International Site
    China Site


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Ants wqrldphoto courtesty of DreamWorks SKG

Jack Ma, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of made a forecast that the world economy situation would be as bleak as that in 2001, 2002 where the dot-com bubble have taken place. He warned that the “winter” would probably last as long as three years.

Yet, He still pledged his support to China exporters, manufacturers and suppliers in the wake of gloomy economic sentiment. He suggested that SME in China should behave and work like “ants” which managed to survive much longer than such mammals as lions and elephants through all these years.

“Our Winport project launched two days ago will charge as little fee as we can, we have been thinking to offer the services for free.” Mr Ma said in a recent interview with China ( The interview was done in Mandarin though).

Alibaba raise investors’ eyebrows by reporting a strong net profit of 300.7 million yuan for the first quarter of 2008 on May 5th, a leap of 111. 7 percent year-on-year and 162 percent quarter-on-quarter, excluding the one-off interest income received from over-subscriptions during IPO in the fourth quarter of 2007. Find out the Full report here

Investors’ sentiments undoubtedly are still haunted by the painstaking experiences earned from the previous internet bubble burst, coupled with the emerging economic dark cloud in the United States, rising RMS value, escalating energy and food prices. Alibaba (1688.HK) closed at HK$14.14 per share last Friday.

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