In our last post, we talked about products are the content as well as the focus of buyers searching for in suppliers’ websites. It’s the key component that allures them coming back. Buyers will simply abandon a site for another supplier’s website not because of the price differences but for incomplete product information.

A research done by e-tailing group inc reveals that 52% of shoppers spend 6 minutes or more on a product page. The information they are looking for include

  • Product overview
  • Merchant’s guarantee
  • Stock status
  • Image quality

They also provide tips to help increase conversions:

  1. Provide easy access to products through search engine optimization and guided navigation
  2. Categorize and segment content for accuracy
  3. Create content to set your site apart from others
  4. Use visuals such as video and virtual modeling
  5. Allow customers to generate content for the site

Take note if your are running a supplier’s website.

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